Thursday, December 11, 2008

Momma Jenn---Caiden's 1st Birthday

We had a wonderful celebration with our friends and family for Caiden's Birthday part 2. Nonnie and Poppa bought him a wagon, which he loves to ride to the park everyday!

My friend Jen and I worked all day on Caiden's Mickey Mouse cake. It was pretty tasty:)

Caiden also got to enjoy some blue cupcakes that I made for him on his actual Birthday, September 23rd.

So between Disneyland, parties, cupcakes and lots of presents it would be safe to say that he is one loved/spoiled little guy!!!

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In September for Caiden's 1st Birthday we went down to Disneyland for the weekend.
Derek's parents came from Oregon to help us celebrate and my parents came as well. We had an amazing time
watching the shows, the parades, riding rides, eating cake, opening presents, etc.

Caiden soaked up all the attention. He wore the Disney Birthday pin so that everyone knew it was his

At dinner we had a Birthday bucket delivered to our table...everyone watched with joy and laughter as Caiden
ate his first piece of cake ever. It got quite messy but worth the fun and memories!

Just like his Mommy, Disneyland might become his favorite place to celebrate his Birthday!

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Momma Jenn--Newport Beach Trip

At the end of July, we went to Newport Beach and stayed at my Mom and Dad's time share. We stayed for 5 days and enjoyed every second of it.

Caiden had fun being pulled around in his baby buggy float, making sand castles with Daddy, playing with Nonnie and Poppa, crawling around, playing games and soaking up the sun. We made smore's every night around the camp fire---by the end of the week I looked and felt like a toasted marshmallow!

It was a very nice getaway for us. We are already looking forward to next year's Newport trip:)

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Momma Jenn

It has been forever since I have spent time blogging and giving updates on what the Dutilly family has been up to. The last time I blogged we had gone to the Disney picnic back in June.

In July, we were able to fly to Mass. to celebrate July 4th with Derek's family. While we were there Grandma watched Caiden and Derek and I went to Boston for a Boston Red Sox game. The Red Sox have been my favorite baseball team since I can remember so going to an actual game was amazing. While in Boston we also did the Freedom Walk tour...lots of fun, I can't wait to go back!

Caiden enjoyed meeting everyone for the first time, he was quite the happy traveler.
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