Saturday, June 9, 2012

Luke & Vader's Adventures in Hawaii

Luke and Darth- Battle in Hawaii

Caiden gave us his Luke and Darth Vader figures, because he thought we needed toys to play with on vacation! So we sent him updates on what they were up to.

Before we even got off the plane they started battling!

We're supposed to be resting on the beach, but Luke & Darth had to battle it out on the lava rocks.

Taking their fight to the jungle.

 Stopping the battling for a quick snack.

 Resting after days of battling!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

AT-AT Bed Complete!

Mission Complete!

All Terrain Armored Transport installed!
6-1/2 weeks, about 60 hours of work.
  • 2X4 Framing, with 1/2" MDF top. CT was a huge helper
  • Basic Legs are 2X4 as well. Legs run all the way to the top of the side for stability
  • Basic Framing Complete
  • Notice the length of the neck, and shorter neck in next picture. Neck made it a little (4") too long
  • Detail work attached.
  • BODY:
  • 1/4" Masonite
  • 1/2" MDF & Plywood Circles
  • 1/2" MDF detailing
  • 1-1/2" PVC split down the middle
  • HEAD
  • 1X3 Framing, 1/4" Masonite skin
  • 1/2" Florist Foam Circles
  • Florist Foam Carving Details
  • PVC Cannons
Fully painted

Head Details

  • Entry/Exit Stairs, Including secret compartment for storing Jedi supplies
  • Built-In Shelving for storing Star Wars Legos

  • Window in front (next to head)
  • So we can check in on him without having to walk all the way around and climb up. 8-)
Installed in the room, ready for invasion of Hoth!
(Thanks to Isaac for the help installing!)
(Thanks to Jenn for the time & patience to let me finish)