Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rib Time!

Well, Jenn is 9 months pregnant, and ready to give Austen the eviction notice. With Caiden my famous ribs worked- she went into labor just 4 hours after dinner... (We say they're soooo good they're labor inducing). So we're going to give it another shot, and i decided to let everyone in on how it's done. It's a 20 hour process, started tonight, and we'll finish tomorrow with some good Southern Sides.

We like to start with a nice Pork Loin Rib. Beef ribs don't stand a chance next to a well prepared pork. Pork Loin gives a bit more meat on each rib, and ends up extremely tender. We do 3 racks of ribs at once. We've found great ribs at Sam's Club, excellent price and excellent quality. Look for one with a good amount of marbling. You may have to cut off some extra fat chunks, but it's worth it.

Key is to remove the Silverskin off the inside part of the rib. The Silverskin gives the rib a watertight seal, and doesn't let the flavor soak in from the rub and sauce.

I also chop mine into 4 or 5 rib segments. Makes them easier to work with, and extra flavor!

Wet or Dry? I say Both!:
That's right, I do both, although i guess that technically makes me a wet-rib lover. So be it.
I start with a heavy rub, comprised of a whole lot of spices.

The base is a lot of Brown Sugar, Garlice and Paprika.
Some of the more unusual ingredients are Dry Mustard, Cinnamon, Parsley and a touch of Allspice.

Here's the final Rub, almost ready for application.

It's not technically a Dry Rub, I mix in a little bit of Orange Juice (to add sweetness) and enough Apple Cider Vinegar to make a thick paste.
The paste method gets more rub to stick to the meat, and allow it to soak.
The Vinegar raises the PH enough to let the spices soak in and through the meat.

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