Monday, October 22, 2007

Derek: Fire Update 9 PM

Update: The fires have laid down quite a bit behind our house.
The evacuations have all been lifted and most of the roads by us have been reopened.
(The fires do make for great sunset shots)

There's still a chance of some flare ups and possibly new fires, the weather and wind might not let up until thursday now...(Here's that new fire that started about 2 PM to our West. That's Six Flags Magic Mountain in front of it. Yes, it looks like the roller-coasters are on fire! But they're not, it's behind the park)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We seem to be safe, so keep those thoughts and prayers going, but let's give them to all the people still in danger, or the people that have already lost their homes. We lost our house to a fire when I was young, and it's completely devastating. Teaches you a lot about 'stuff' and what it really means... And give those thoughts and prayers out to all the firefighters working the fires, saving homes and saving lives.

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