Sunday, October 21, 2007

Derek: Stuck between a Fire and a Hot Place!

There are 2 huge fires very close to us, right now.
With the super dry conditions- it's rained once since about April- and the crazy winds- 20-35 MPH, 40 MPH gusts right now, up to 108 MPH gusts this morning. Humidy 9%. Disaster conditions...

One fire 15 miles to the west of us ("Ranch Fire"), burned about 1200+ acres as of this morning.

One fire (started) 15 miles to the east of us (it's being called 'The Agua Dulce Fire"). About 3,000 acres burned right now, but now it's already at the edge of our city. Jenn's brother Michael is in the process of being evacuated. Crazy. It's now about 1/4 mile from his condo. It's right at the edge of other neighborhoods. There's only 2 firetrucks... Disaster.

We should be pretty safe. We're in the middle of the city. There's a small brush patch with a few trees (about 1/4 acre) right in front of our building, and a dried up riverbed about 1/4 mile away, but it'd have to burn through a lot of homes and a lot of streets to make it to us.

I can't believe the news. 99% of the coverage is on the Malibu fire. A couple hundred homes there. Homes are burning right now on Whites Canyon, in Canyon Country about 5 miles from here... If you looked at just the news you'd think that the only fire was in Malibu.

It looks like orange night outside, raining ash. Staci can see homes burning from her roof. She's packing up her stuff and heading to Tina's.

We'll keep updated if anything happens over at this end of town..

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