Monday, October 22, 2007

Ring of Fire!

The helicopter shots on the news show the entire SCV surrounded by a ring of fire.

Jenn's brother was evacuated, Staci went to Tina's, they're all safe and their homes as far as we know.

It's about 3 miles from our house right now, and only 1 mile from our old house.
It's been jumping straight west most of the night, which is towards our old Tesoro house.
I'm really worried about our old house, the backyard is very dry and there's no fire insurance as the-ex didn't pay the insurance bill...

If it keeps going west about 1/4 mile it'll be in the dry riverbed that runs by our new place and straight into the heart of Valencia. It'd have to turn SouthWest, but that's not out of the realm with these crazy winds...

25,000 Acres this morning and as of last night 25 structures.
About 600 firefighters on it this morning.

Unfortunately weather is supposed to be in the triple digits and the wind is only supposed to get worse today, through Tuesday afternoon. Right now 30 MPH sustained with 50 MPH gusts and the winds today could be one of the worst wind events ever seen in So. Cal...

We heard helicopters all night, but those were just news choppers. Now it's getting much busier with the firehawks and the planes getting in on the action.

Please pray for all the families affected and the firefighters out there battling this firestorm.

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