Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jenn: Thankful for the Boppy

So even though Derek and I have two very cute and comfortable bassinets for Caiden to sleep in, he chooses the boppy. If we want Caiden to wake up we lay him down in the bassinet, if we want him to sleep we put him in the boppy, swing, or bouncy:) It has taken Derek and I a few weeks to figure out this pattern, in fact we have even tried our hardest to encourage sleep in the bassinets. But as we adjust as parents and as we stay on the road of sleep deprivation we now encourage him to just sleep anywhere he wants:) Every book I have read about parenting has told me that he must sleep in a crib or bassinet, but when its 4 in the morning and we are all crying because we are all tired, I could care less what those Authors have to say. In fact, I would love the authors of those books to come to my house and spend an entire night here, I would bet that by morning, Caiden would be asleep in his boppy. So to the creators of the Boppy Pillow, the Dutilly family thanks you, we finally got 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night!

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Anonymous said...

Mackenzie slept either in her car seat which we put in the bassinet or in a swing or her papsan chair for a looong time! Sleep is sleep, it's better than being miserable and now she's an awesome sleeper, so don't worry, even if he doesn't now, he will eventually sleep in his crib/bassinet!