Thursday, October 11, 2007

Derek: Off to work:

Caiden, Jenn & Dillon off for a walk.

Off to work, have to leave the family behind. Sigh.
This week has been hard. Having to go back to work, when all i want to do is be home and change diapers. I love my job, but i love my family even more. I feel like i'm missing out on how Caiden is growing and changing each and every day... I know i'm not, i get to see him in the evening, and get we get quality alone time together for his middle of the night feeding. I just miss him. And jenn. And dillon.

Tuesday was a melt-down day for Caiden too. Totally fussy, didn't want to sleep. All i wanted to do is be home, take care of him, help Jenn out. He's been better since. A few fussy fits here and there, but he's adjusting to life out of the womb amazingly.

Jenn has school starting on Saturday- All day this Saturday and Sunday, I don't know how she's going to do it... I'm not worried about me being home with Caiden alone, Keven is coming over to help some of the time, and me and our little monkey get along well. We'll do some good walks to tire out dillon, tummy time and lots of eatin and poopin. Good weekend, but we'll miss mommy. And mommy will definitely miss us! Luckily I'm going to be home Friday and Monday, so we have some true family time to spend together. Then 2 weeks until Jenn has class again.. I know it will be rough for her. But we'll make it through. We always do. That's why we have each other. Without her I couldn't do this, couldn't do anything. She makes me much stronger, and now Caiden will do the same.

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