Sunday, October 14, 2007

Derek: Flex Weekend:

This weekend has been better than expected, different than expected. I guess that's the biggest thing I've learned (so far) being a Dad. You HAVE to be flexible in any and everything that you do. While the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, the best laid plans of mommies and daddies go awry even more often! Nothing you really plan ever comes to fruition the way you want it, but most often for the better.

Saturday was supposed to be our first "Boy Day", with me, Caiden and Dillon. But Jenn couldn't even get out of the Santa Clarita Valley to go to pilates school. There was a huge truck accident Friday night on I-5, which has completely shut it down. Those not familiar with where we live- this is the main way from the SCV to Los Angeles. Jenn tried to drive through our city to the other side- to the 14 freeway, but everyone else was doing the same thing. After 2 fruitless hours she came home. We had Saturday together, which was very nice!

So I-5 is closed until Tuesday or Wednesday. And after that the truck-lanes will be closed, so it'll only be at 50% capacity. Commuting to work is going to be very very bad for a while! Yikes!

Here's Caiden's reaction to Boston losing the game last night. He echos my own!

Boston, why oh why do you have ANY faith in Gagne? Didn't you see LA learn their lesson? Didn't you see what happened in Texas? Hopefully this is the last time we have to see that ugly beard on the mound in Bean-Town!

Sunday has been great, so far. First 'boy day' at home all together alone!
A walk in the park. Watch some Football. Do some chores.
And maybe just MAYBE, i'll be able to get in some Halo 3. I've only been able to play about 30 minutes in the last week. I thought that when he's 'down' i could grab in a couple hours of XBOX here and there, no such luck. Really. There's always just something else to do first. I thought with 2 weeks off i could get in some good 'skate' time. I was totally mistaken. In two weeks i got about 2 hours of game in, and most of that was middle of the night after he'd gone to bed, i was exhausted, but still wanted to get some time in.

People say that babies can't smile, that when they do it's just gas. I don't believe them. Sometimes Caiden just reacts with a big smile. I'll try to grab a pic. Just hanging out is so much fun.

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